We offer precise and reliable EMS services. We process your designs and ensure customised manufacturing of electronics for various market segments from the automotive industry to the energy and consumer sectors. We can design and manufacture a wide variety of electronic devices and components for your company, provide warehousing and logistics, and purchase components and materials. We are ready to assemble and test everything, and advise you at various stages of the project.

We are very flexible in our services. We will realise the course of the order according to your wishes: For example, primarily as an express delivery or according to a long-term, pre-arranged plan. In the way that suits your company.

We will be happy to discuss your project with you

Flexibility that is not a cliché

We are able to fully adapt to our clients' assignments. Our customers are both smaller and large, multinational companies. We can manufacture up to a hundred thousand pieces of assemblies per year for you. Just contact us, regardless of the size of your project. The whole development from prototyping to completion is our strength.

We are fully equipped for manufacturing and logistics. One of the examples is effective work processes and automation possibilities that we can apply to your projects. Our technical equipment can be automated to measure.

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